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Internships: There are many great ways to get involved with BTTR so that you can be a part of helping to change the world. We are looking for people to volunteer their time, creativity, and passion to some of our many hands on opportunities including house parties, festivals, web support, retail markets, and raising awareness. We at BTTR share a passion with you of fulfilling our callings and desires through our own creativity and gifting. If you desire to be a part of this vision, please contact us and help be the change.

Festivals: BTTR goes to over a dozen festivals each summer. While at these festivals, we sell fair trade products as well as raise awareness about human slavery and sex trafficking. We are looking for grass roots teams of interns and volunteers to spend the summer traveling to each of these festivals. Our teams
always have a great time traveling, seeing lots of great music across the country, and helping make a difference all at the same time. If this sounds like the way you would like to spend your summer, please contact us at:

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