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Asha house is a home for the neglected and abandoned children of India. Since opening its doors in March of 2007 Asha has taken in over 40 children into its family. The children come from brothels, villages, slums, and the streets of India. Many come from situations where they were going to be forced into slavery and prostitution.

Asha House practices individual love with a holistic approach:

1) Each child is assigned to a "family-group" consisting of five to seven children with one "house-parent."

2) Each child is responsible for his or her own household chores.

3) All the children partake in meals and prayer together "family style."

4) All the children receive equal and quality medical care and education.

Helping to sustain the well being of the children at Asha is our first priority at Back To The Roots. As we grow we will not only be a part of helping Asha House grow but we will help fund multiple homes and other organizations to help take care of many more children.

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